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Hi there!

Thanks for dropping by.

I am Dishank, a football fanatic and the creator of 433 Ultimate Card Manager. But, like with football and also life, this too isn’t complete without my friends!

My friends and I met as young kids in the local park and bonded over football. Over the years, we remained in touch and the cement was football. On a magical evening, watching a live Premier League game, I got the idea of a card game based on football- one that would combine the thrill of football with the strategy of playing a card game. Thus was born the idea of 433 Ultimate Card Manager.

Here’s our journey- from the first ever Player Cards (that didn’t have points in the first ever version) to one of our very first games with the current version (players had 80-100 points) to finally launching a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Since that first version, we have come a long way (not least in terms of design..😅😅). So order now and make your friends say “Football, Bloody Hell!”