What is 433 Ultimate Card Manager?

433 Ultimate Card Manager is a football-themed card game with a skill-based gameplay. It is not a trading card game or an old wine in a new bottle. What makes it unique is:

  • Easy to learn–  Simple objective with 2 types of easy to understand cards and no action cards
  • Difficult to master– Unique gameplay with a learning curve at the start
  • Quick to finish– Quick pre-game setup with each game taking just 15-20 minutes
  • Multiplayer– Play with up to 10 players at a time and leave no one on the bench!

And it’s funded 2.2x on Kickstarter!

433 Ultimate Card Manager

£15.99 £23.99

How to Play: Build Your Team and Crush Your Opponents with Tactical Discards!

  1. Build either formation of your Manager by collecting ‘Player’ cards based on their position. Try to get players with the highest points but avoid players who don’t gel with your Manager
  2. What do you do with players you don’t need? This is the crux- Discard these unwanted players strategically to remove players your opponents need, from the game, and prevent them from winning
  3. Be the first to finish your formation, amass the maximum points and win the game!

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Gather Your Friends, Kick Some @$$ and Become the Ultimate Card Manager

Perfect for football watching, FIFA or board game nights. Plus, no one gets left on the bench- everyone plays at the same time. And with 10 Manager cards (including Pep, Arteta, Simeone, Conte..) and 115 Player cards, you have hours and hours of fun and replayability.

Order now and make your friends say, “Football, Bloody Hell!”